• زبان :انگلیسی کیفیت :مشخص نشده !
  • مدت زمان :1ساعت 27دقیقه محصول :کانادا
  • کارگردان :Brandon Christensen نویسنده :Brandon Christensen , Colin Minihan , Digital Interference Productions , Hadron Films
  • امتیاز IMDB :6.2 رده سنی :R
  • ستارگان :Christie Burke , Jesse Moss , Rebecca Olson
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مری، دوقلوها را به دنیا می آورد، اما تنها یکی از آنها زنده است ...
Mary, a new mother, gives birth to twins, but only one of them is alive. While taking care of her living child, Adam, she suspects that something, a supernatural entity, has chosen him and will stop at nothing to take him from her. Written by Mohamed K Mahdy