• زبان :انگلیسی کیفیت :مشخص نشده !
  • مدت زمان :1ساعت 44دقیقه محصول : ایرلند، کانادا
  • کارگردان :Bharat Nalluri نویسنده :Susan Coyne , Les Standiford , Mazur / Kaplan Company , Mob Film Company, The , Parallel Films
  • امتیاز IMDB :7.1 رده سنی :PG
  • ستارگان :Dan Stevens , Christopher Plummer , Miriam Margolyes
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داستان این فیلم درباره‌ی زندگی چارلز دیکنز، برجسته‌ترین رمان‌نویس انگلیسی عصر ویکتوریا هست. دیکنز تاثیرگذارترین نویسنده در زبان انگلیسی بوده است. از او برای داستان‌سرایی و نثر توانمندش و خلق شخصیت‌های به یادماندنی، بسیار تحسین به عمل آمده‌ است. داستان فیلم در زمانی رخ می‌دهد که چارلز دیکنز مشغول نوشتن کتاب بسیار معروف سرود کریسمس هست. این کتاب در کریسمس سال 1843 زمانی که دیکنز نویسنده‌ی نامی شده بود به چاپ رسید و…
In 1843, the celebrated British novelist, Charles Dickens, is at a low point in his career with three flops behind him and his family expenses piling up at home. Determined to recover, Dickens decides to write a Christmas story and self-publish it in less than two months. As Dickens labors writing on such short notice, his estranged father and mother come to bunk with him. Still haunted by painful memories of his father ruining his childhood by his financial irresponsibly, Dickens develops a writer's block which seems to have no solution. As such, Dickens must face his personal demons epitomized through his characters, especially in his imagined conversations with Ebenezer Scrooge. Now with a looming deadline, Dickens struggles for inspiration against his frustrations and his characters' opinions in a literary challenge creating a classic tale that would define the essential soul of modern Christmas. Written by Kenneth Chisholm ([email protected])