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  • مدت زمان :1ساعت 44دقیقه محصول :آمریکا، انگلستان
  • کارگردان :Michael Grandage نویسنده :John Logan , A. Scott Berg , Desert Wolf Productions , Michael Grandage Company , Riverstone Pictures
  • امتیاز IMDB :6.5 رده سنی :TOUS PUBLICS
  • ستارگان :Colin Firth , Jude Law , Nicole Kidman
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ویراستار مشهور “مکسول پرکینز” در حالی که بر روی نوشته های نویسنده ای بنام “توماس ولف” کار میکند، رابطه دوستانه ای را با او آغاز میکند و…
When, one day in 1929, writer Thomas Wolfe decided to keep the appointment made by Max Perkins, editor at Scribner's, he had no illusions: his manuscript would be turned down as had invariably been the case. But, to his happy amazement, his novel, which was to become "Look Homeward, Angel," was accepted for publication. The only trouble was that it was overlong (by 300 pages) and had to be reduced. Although reluctant to see his poetic prose trimmed, Wolfe agreed and was helped by Perkins, who had become a true friend, with the result that it instantly became a favorite with the critics and a best seller. Success was even greater in 1935 when "Of Time and the River" appeared, but the fight for reducing Wolfe's logorrheic written expression had been even harder, with the novel originally at 5,000 pages. Perkins managed to cut 90,000 words from the book, and with bitterness ultimately taking its toll, the relationships between the two men gradually deteriorated. Wolfe did not feel ... Written by Guy Bellinger